9 Guys and Me

Early in 2015, I received a Facebook notification that my friend, Jim, had added me to a new group — Universe Savers Anonymous. That was a blast from the gaming past I had not heard in several years. It was how our gaming group referred to ourselves. Intrigued, I immediately IM’d him to inquire. Jim’s response was that he was setting up a Facebook group for a gaming reunion that would take place in June. His sons thought it would be a fun way to spend some vacation time.

Jim used the Facebook group to pass scenario and gaming system information to us. We sent our character sheets to him.

We played 19 hours over 2 days and an evening that weekend. Had a great time!


Above is a picture from that weekend of RPG fun. Kneeling - left to right:
Jason - 2nd generation player
Duane - 1st generation player
Andrew - 2nd generation player

Standing - 2nd row - left to right:
Josh - 2nd generation player
Cary - new player
Jared - 2nd generation player

Standing - 1st row - left to right:
Jim - 1st generation player, father of Josh, Jared, and Jason
me - author’s widow and 1st generation player
Rich - 1st generation player, father of Andrew and Ben
Ben - 2nd generation player

A day or so after returning home… it hit me! I had a product! Dennis, my late husband and game designer, had left behind the basic rules and 3 supplements plus seed ideas for adventure modules! He and I had wanted to get his game published while he was alive but that did not happen. I have wanted to do something with his work though he has passed and now that I had some knowledge of how to market online, thanks to a short time in network marketing, I could. I also found out that more supplemental information existed. Dennis and Jim had discussed aspects that I did not know about and Jim had saved that information, becoming archivist.

Two and a half years and a successful kickstarter campaign later, EVERYVERSE RPG basic manual and EVERYVERSE RPG Paranormality have been published. EVERYVERSE RPG Future History is nearly ready for publication. Two adventure modules are in development. Kickstarter backers and game enthusiasts are in the states and around the world.

Dennis would be pleased.

~Debra Hoenig Parizek, ParDen Us Gaming CEO