EVERYVERSE RPG - The COMPLETE Role-Playing Game Features:

  • As You Like it: 5 methods of character generation
  • Standard Distribution: Uses the same scale as used in measuring real-world IQ for more meaningful information at a glance
  • Cascades: tree-like arrays of skills from general to specific
  • The Attempt: a single method to resolve all outcomes. Lets you keep your nose out of the book
  • System Conversion: Convert from any other gaming system to EVERYVERSE RPG


EVERYVERSE RPG - Paranormality is a guide to providing a context for the use of paranormal powers within the EVERYVERSE RPG game system. It features:

  • Magic: Three levels of specializations and a comprehensive list of over 700 spells
  • Aura: Control the seven chakras of your body's energy field and their 63 powers
  • Psionics: Harness the psychic abilities of your mind. Active and passive modes, six realms, three parameters and three options give 324 possible effects
  • Reality Alteration: Tinker with the laws of nature if you dare! You might change the world but you can't escape the results.
  • Synchonicity: Why do some people always come out smelling like a rose? They have the power to arrange lucky coincidences, even after the fact.