GoGames360 in The Woodlands, TX by Debra Hoenig Parizek

GoGames360 was held in The Woodlands, TX, Feb 8-10, 2019. ParDen Us Gaming was invited to be there with Dragon’s Lair North.

We held 2 gaming sessions. In the 1st session, 4 students at a nearby college sat down at my table and we played the students “recruited” by a nefarious organization scenario. We had a hilarious time as the characters learned that they had psychic powers and used them to defeat the bad guys then escape. The college students liked the game so much that they were going to convert their DnD group to our gaming system.

The 2nd session was an abbreviated one, a very short demo to show the game mechanics to one of the other “red shirts” and his family. They defeated the bad guys, too, and escaped. The scenario changes really force me to think on the fly.

Looking forward to more events this year! I’m really enjoying getting into the gaming community and being a GM.

GoGames360 pic.jpg