More Events By Debra Hoenig Parizek

On 8/25/18, Dragon’s Lair North Houston held its inaugural Lair Con. I was truly surprised by how many tables they fit inside the store between the shelves! It was well organized.

I was there for 6 hours – held 2 gaming sessions, discussed game mechanics with other interested gamers who did not have time to play, and sat in on a panel where they were talking about neighborhood game designers.

For the sessions, we played the same scenario as the previous events – teenagers “recruited” by a criminal organization because they had the potential to become hybrids with psychic powers. The first group did not escape and were compelled by the villain to begin training to become operatives. Here is a picture of our table and of the first group.

Pic 1.png

The second group escaped. Sadly, I got so caught up in the second session that I forgot to take a picture of those players.

Hawaii Con:

Despite the volcano and a hurricane that brushed the islands, Hawaii Con happened 9/14-16/18. Friend/artist/supplement developer, Jeremy Wilson, served as GM and vendor for ParDen Us Gaming. Here is a picture from the session in Hawaii:

Pic 2.png

Jeremy also helped get our basic rules and Paranormality books in a local game shop. Thanks, Jeremy!!