Everyverse RPG - Skills


A skill is described by a cascade, with each succeeding term denoting a more narrow specialization. Generally, a specification will be acquired for each 3 points spent.


Example: A player wants his character to be able to pilot a small plane. To avoid the -12 unskilled modifier, the character should have the following skills cascade:

          -Internal combustion

During play, the character may attempt to do things which will be assigned a difficulty modifier by the GM. The modifier is subtracted from the skill level then the player rolls SD. A roll below or at the modified skill level indicates success, while a roll above indicates failure. The difference between the roll and the modified skill level will be used to determine the degree of success or failure, i.e. critical hits and misses.

Example: The character with a skill level of 134 is attempting a shot with his laser pistol. The target is moving so 10 is subtracted from his skill level, which means he must roll 124 or less to succeed. He rolls .6942 = 105, so he succeeded by 19 points, resulting in a fatal wound.

Most skills apply primarily to operators rather than technicians. A character with a skill level in something is automatically a tech in the same area, albeit with a modifier of -3. To bring his tech skills into parity with his op skills, all he needs to do is choose the equalizer of “technical aptitude +6″ which will boost all tech skills by 3. He could also spend 3 points and get “/tech” added on to the skill cascade. However, skills that begin with “Tech/” have no “op” counterparts. These are important for general technical expertise, since a character with Space /communication /beamed /maser might be very good at fixing tight beam transceivers but worse at fixing toasters than a character with Tech /electrical.

Some skills (i.e. language, medical) involve knowledge of arbitrary standards and procedures and are thus, a mystery to those without training. These skills are indicated by “(A)” on the skills lists (See APPENDIX D of EVERYVERSE RPG). An attempt by a character without the necessary training will have an additional negative modifier.

Skills may be modified with Equalizers, Aptitudes and Blocks, Unskills, Abilities and Challenges, Enhancements and Limitations, Eccentricities and Circumstances, examples of which are listed in the EVERYVERSE RPG manual, along with rules for their “purchase.”