Everyverse RPG - Mechanics


One of EVERYVERESE RPG’s strongest points is its compatibility with other games. Its simple mechanics allow features from one game to be translated into another with minimum effort.


Standard Distribution

Because you can tell at a glance what each SD score stands for, it is easy to translate between it and other distributions, for example…

 2d6        SD        3d6        SD
   0            60           0            60
   1            70           1            65
   2            80           2            70
  …           …          …           …

SD Dice Roller

SD Dice Roller mimics the ability of rolling 4d10, rather then looking the number up in the SD chart.


The advantage of EVERYVERSE RPG's attribute cascade and consistent SD scores is that you are sure to find something to correspond to whatever another game might have. For example:

 AD&D                                         EVERYVERSE RPG

 Strength                                    Strength

 Dexterity                                    Motion

 Intelligence                               Intelligence

        …                                                    …


If you know how to assess the effects of a game’s equalizers, you know how to translate the, between it and EVERYVERSE RPG. A certain type of character might have a special ability or handicap, which is automatically applied to that type of character and no other. Once you have that teased out, you’re all set.

Example: Stronghold after 45 combats +20 points (sooner than M-U), Magical block -20 points (including inability to use most items).



The problem here is dealing with games that have classes rather than professions. Even so, all you have to do is set up a profess description with Skills and Stuff. A character class generally has a fixed skill progression, with each of several skills gaining a point when a certain threshold of experience is reached. The way to effectively equate experience points with Terms of Service is if you know how many points an average character of a given class earns in a year.


Skills: Combat, Hardiness
Stuff: 5d4 x 10 gp


All RPG’s use skills, whether they use fixed skill packages or leave it up to the player. With EVERYVERSE RPG, you can take skills from other games and perform alterations, i.e….

Hardiness – QU: A special skill that subtracts one-tenth of the skill level from the damage of a successful attack on the character

For skill progression, each combat counts as one hour of practice for both Combat and Hardiness.

For more information, see  Everyverse RPG - APPENDIX C: System Conversion.